Deak, The Programmed, Bearded Lady, and The Ground Zero Mosque

What could possibly connect a top currency exchange firm, a schizophrenic homeless woman, the Lockheed bribery scandal, death squads in Latin America, MK Ultra assassins, Glenn Beck, and the Ground Zero mosque? Only the CIA. More specifically, one of its assets named Nicholas Deak.

His wikipedia entry is, not surprisingly, severely lacking.

Nicolas Louis Deák (8 October 1905, Transylvania, Hungary—18 November 1985, New York City, US) was a Hungarian-born US banker, chairman of the Deak-Perera group and a secret service operative, serving both in the OSS during World War II and its successor the CIA during the Cold War.

His worldwide financial group, spanning both legitimate enterprises and fronts for CIA operations, was shaken in the late ’70 and early ’80 by multiple scandals involving money laundering and criminal connections. The fallout of these scandals led to the bankruptcy of large parts of the financial group in 1984. The next year he was gunned down at the age of 80 in his office by a mentally unstable woman.

Called “the James Bond of the world of money” by Time Magazine, Deak’s bank was tied to numerous CIA black operations.

Deak‘s principal advantage to the CIA is that, unlike commercial banks, currency dealers are not under the jurisdiction of federal bank examiners.

Over the years, Deak & Co. secretly moved CIA funds to finance such enterprises as the overthrow of Iran’s Premier Mossadegh in 1954 (this was handled through Deak offices in Geneva and Zurich, and, through a friendly representative in
Rome), operations in the Congo (now Zaire), and the agency’s wartime work in Vietnam. According to knowledgeable sources, the CIA gave Deak dollars in Washington and received piastres in Saigon at a black-market rate.

Between 1969 and 1975, Deak transferred at least $8.3 million in secret payments by the Lockheed Aircraft Corporation to its agents in Japan as part of the now famous campaign to bribe Japanese government officials to buy its airplanes. One of these Japanese agents was Yoshio Kodama, a man with close ties to the U.S. intelligence
community since the end of the war. Lockheed and the CIA had their own longstanding relationship, what with the aircraft company building the u-2 and SR-71 spy planes for the agency. There are indications that the CIA knew and approved of Lockheed’s dealings through Deak & Co.

It is also possible that some Deak personnel were involved, together with the CIA, in the “laundering” of illegal funds for the Nixon reelection campaign in 1972.

Note that both Kodama and Adnan Khashoggi were involved in the looting of Yamashita’s gold. Khashoggi is involved in so many scandals, it’s become something of a running joke.

Lockheed used Deak-Perera to bribe foreign officials and purchase their aircraft, among other things. Deak smuggled money to Yoshio Kodama in cardboard boxes with oranges.

Kodama was a war criminal, drug smuggler, and ultra-nationalist. He became one of the richest men in Asia. The CIA whitewashed his record, and used him for his anti-communist activities. He became a powerful yakuza boss who could make or break Japanese Prime Ministers.

After the Lockheed scandal, disillusioned ultranationalist roman porno film actor Mitsuyasu Maeno attempted to assassinate Kodama by flying a plane into his Tokyo house, kamikaze-style. The attempt failed.

Deak wouldn’t be so lucky. At some point, it seemed the government and CIA turned on Deak.

In 1984, Deak & Co. faced allegations from the President’s Commission on Organized Crime that they laundered money for Latin American drug traffickers, facilitated the Lockheed bribery scandals, and smuggled currency from the Philippines. As a result, shortly thereafter, Deak & Co. declared bankruptcy in order to reorganize.

The following year, a “paranoid-schizophrenic” named Lois Lang traveled almost 5,000 miles by bus, purchased a revolver, and assassinated Deak at his office in Manhattan. She could not explain what compelled her to travel so far to assassinate somebody she had never met.

This Salon article is excellent and should be read in its entirety.

Deak crumbled onto the floor. “Now you’ve got yours,” said Lang. A witness later claimed she took out a camera and snapped photographs of her victim’s expiring body. The bag lady then grabbed the banker by the legs, dragged him into his office, and shut the door.

She emerged shortly and headed for the elevator bank, where three NYPD officers had taken position. They shouted for Lang to freeze. When she reached for her .38, an officer tackled her to the floor. A second cop grabbed her arm as the first hammered her hand with the butt of his gun. As he jarred the revolver free, she turned into a cowering child — “like a frightened animal,” one of the officers later testified.

“Please don’t hurt me,” Lang begged. “He told me I could carry the gun.”

Who were the pictures for? The sudden change in demeanor, from cool, calm assassin to “frightened animal” should also be noted.

The pictures were never made public, but a friend of Deak found them when investigating his death…

As Kuhlmann traveled the world trying to repair relationships, trace lost assets and solve the mystery of Deak’s murder, he descended ever deeper into a rabbit hole. One of his stops was in Macau, where Deak’s office manager vanished without a trace after the collapse. Kuhlmann entered the paper-strewn offices to find the manager’s girlfriend sitting at her boyfriend’s old desk. She opened a drawer and pulled out a photo she’d found there: a grainy black-and-white snapshot of Nicholas Deak, lying bleeding on his office floor, just minutes from death. The photo, seemingly taken by Lang, had never been made public. Shortly thereafter, two of Kuhlmann’s investigators reported that Lang had met with two Argentineans in Miami before her bus trip to New York.

Lang complained of “amnesia” and said that her ex-husband’s business partner moved her into an apartment in Mountain View, Calif., where she lived on “grants” and “took flying lessons.” (Moffett Field Naval Base and NASA’s Ames Research Center are located there). She told psychiatrists in 1985 that this business partner, or his “fakes,” took her to Deak’s offices at 29 Broadway in 1971. She said that “friends” taught her marksmanship at firing ranges.

For the next month, she was put under the care of Dr. Frederick Melges, a psychiatrist associated with the Stanford Research Institute. One of Dr. Melges’ main areas of research: drug-aided hypnosis. A few years after Lang was put in Melges’ care, the New York Times exposed the Stanford Research Institute as a center for CIA research into “brain-washing” and “mind-control” experiments in which unwitting subjects were dosed with hallucinogenic drugs and subjected to hypnosis.

The Stanford Research Institute received CIA funding, and Dr. Melges published work about using drugs and hypnosis to create “disassociative states,” i.e., induced schizophrenia. One of Melges’ partners on these experiments was a doctor named Leo E. Hollister, who first dosed Ken Kesey with LSD as part of an Army experiment in 1960. He later admitted to author John Marks that he conducted drug research for the CIA. Marks’ 1979 book, “The Search for the Manchurian Candidate,” contains numerous such revelations about other government researchers.

In other words, the doctor who cared for Lang in Santa Clara was a senior figure at one of the CIA’s top institutional grantees. He worked side-by-side with a self-identified CIA collaborator, and conducted research into the kind of drug-induced behavior modification that the agency is known to have funded.

Creating dissociative states, of course, is necessary for creating a split personality which can carry out assassinations, which the other personality has no knowledge of. I can not think of a legitimate reason to try to induce Dissociative Identity Disorder in an individual.

A local police officer told the New York Times after her arrest in 1985 that Lang “usually had money,” despite roaming “the [university] campus in unkempt clothes, usually wearing a green felt Tyrolean-style hat.” Once the police found more than $800 in her possession.

Then Lang moved on to yet another CIA-linked university that was programming assassins.

As with Stanford, the university employed a military-linked behavioral psychiatrist, Dr. Donald Dudley, who later became infamous for carrying out experiments in behavior modification. Dudley taught there from the 1960s through the early 1990s, and also worked at nearby mental institutions where Lang was periodically committed. The landmark lawsuit that ended Dudley’s career revealed that Dudley’s hobby was taking patients brought to him for lesser mental illnesses, pumping them full of drugs, hypnotizing them, and trying to turn them into killers.

Donald Dudley, at the University of Washington, was especially sloppy…

Parents claim psychiatrist tried to turn son into killer
Friday, December 15, 2000


Dudley said he “used powerful drugs and hypnotic suggestions to train an army of killers from the ranks of his patients,” Marchese asserted.

Dudley began treating Drummond for a seizure disorder in 1989 and, in October 1990, injected him with sodium amytal, a powerful sedative. The doctor’s files indicate he intended to erase part of Drummond’s brain and implant new behavioral characteristics.

In November 1992 the mother confronted Dudley, who told her he was going to take over hospitals, police forces and schools and that she was lucky her son was part of his intended army.

“Dr. Dudley told her he was working for the CIA, and if she told anybody about this, he’d kill her,” Marchese said.

Marchese said one reason for the suspension was that Dudley told a chronic fatigue syndrome patient from Arizona to learn martial arts and the use of guns to help the doctor’s cause. Dudley claimed he was from another planet and was one of 100 people who rule the earth, she said.

In another episode cited in the suspension, according to news reports, Bellevue police found Dudley with an arsenal of guns in a hotel room where he was treating a suicidal 15-year-old boy.

Psychiatrist Arrested In Hotel Incident

Dudley and the youth checked into a single room at the Hilton Friday night. Finding an adjoining room unoccupied, they took that as well. Shortly after 1 a.m., the boy went downstairs and told the clerk he and the doctor would be going for target practice at a firing range the next day. Then he went upstairs and returned, waving a .44 Magnum semiautomatic pistol at the clerk.

The boy appeared to be intoxicated, a clerk told police, and said, “Get out of here or I’ll drop you.” The clerk fled to a back room.

The youth told police he was only carrying the gun to prove to the clerk he was on his way to target practice.

The Ground Zero Mosque Connection

Fast forward to today, and Deak’s gold company was restructured and became part of Goldline, whose unofficial spokesperson is Glenn Beck. Now I want to focus on the Ground Zero mosque. In many cases, the people opposing the mosque were in bed with the people financing the mosque. News Corp had Glen Beck and Fox ranting against the mosque, while some of the owners of News Corp financed it.

Interestingly, Deak’s son, Robert Leslie Deak, was also behind the financing of the mosque. He is on the board of the DC think tank, Center for a New American Security.

Deak is a participant in the Peace Action Network-Arab American Action Forum, which coordinates forums around the world to improve communications and understanding among Christian, Muslim, and Jewish communities. In this capacity, he has led public-private partnerships to fund schools in rural areas and rejuvenate the agricultural base in the Kurdistan region of Iraq.

Apparently, part of “trying to foster understanding between Americans and Muslims” involved financing a mosque that was to be built at the site of Ground Zero. Extremely unpopular, the mosque did just the opposite…as anyone could’ve predicted it would.

For instance, one of the earliest backers of the nonprofit group, the Cordoba Initiative, that is spearheading the Ground Zero mosque, is a 52-year-old Scarsdale, New York, native named R. Leslie Deak. In addition to serving on the group’s board of advisors since its founding in 2004 by Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, Deak was its principal funder, donating $98,000 to the nonprofit between 2006 and 2008. This figure appears to represent organization’s total operating budget—[b]though, oddly, the group reported receipts of just a third of that[/b] total during the same time period.

Leslie Deak’s resume also notes his role as “business consultant” for Patriot Defense Group, LLC, a private defense contractor with offices in Winter Park, Florida, and in Tucson. The only names listed on the firm’s website are those of its three “strategic advisers.” These include retired four-star General Bryan “Doug” Brown, commander of the U.S. Special Operations Command until 2007, where he headed “all special operations forces, both active duty and reserve, leading the Global War On Terrorism,” and James Pavitt, former deputy director for operations at the Central Intelligence Agency, where he “managed the CIA’s globally deployed personnel and nearly half of its multi-billion dollar budget” and “served as head of America’s Clandestine Service, the CIA’s operational response to the attacks of September 11, 2001.”

Besides Pavitt, Brown and a third advisor, banker Alexander Cappello, the Patriot Defense Group is so secretive it doesn’t even name its management team, instead describing its anonymous CEO as a former Special Forces and State Department veteran, the group’s managing director as a former CIA officer experienced in counter-terrorism in hostile environments and the group’s corporate intelligence head as a “23-year veteran of the U.S. Secret Service who worked on the personal security details of former Presidents Bush and Clinton.”

Deak also sits on the NDUF’s board of directors, the chairman of which is Mark Treanor, the former general counsel for Wachovia bank from 1998 through its collapse in 2008 and a major bundler of campaign donations for the McCain-Palin ticket in 2008. Wachovia, now owned by Wells Fargo, was recently fined $160 million for laundering “at least $110 million” in Mexican drug money between 2003 and 2008, while Treanor was Wachovia’s general counsel, though the figure is likely higher since Wachovia admitted it didn’t put any controls on at least $420 billion—that’s billion—in cash moved through its network of Mexico currency exchanges.

Which leads to another odd coincidence: Laundering money for drug lords is what brought down Deak & Co., the company run by Leslie Deak’s father, Nicholas Deak, years ago.

Speaking of Glenn Beck, it has been reported that Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal, the second-largest shareholder in News Corp., the parent company Fox News, which airs Beck’s program, is also a major funder of Imam Rauf’s projects, as Jon Stewart viewers heard all about last week.

But add to this array of unexpected connections the work of Imam Rauf on behalf of the U.S. government—which includes serving as an FBI “consultant” and being recruited as a spokesperson by longtime George W. Bush confidante Karen Hughes, who headed up the administration’s propaganda efforts in the Muslim world—and a compelling picture begins to emerge.

Bush’s favorite Imam, with backing from a funder with connections to the CIA, the Pentagon and the currency trading company that now sponsors rightwing firebrand Glenn Beck, proposes to build a mosque around the corner from the site of the most devastating terrorist attack ever visited on America. In the name of “[cultivating] understanding among all religions and cultures,” he puts forth a project that offends a majority of Americans and deals a significant setback to the broader acceptance of Muslim-Americans. It’s a little like Billy “White Shoes” Johnson claiming the only reason he moonwalks after scoring a touchdown is to lower tensions on the football field and raise the other team’s spirits.

Interestingly, a Stratfor analyst claims the Imam behind the mosque is an FBI asset. Their private conversation about the above article was published as part of Wikileaks Stratfor files.

The Imam is an operational asset of the FBI.

Another hate monger got her start by opposing the Ground Zero mosque. Her name is Pamela Geller. She’s been on the news quite a bit recently, after her anti-Islamic event was attacked in Garland, Texas. She was also allegedly the target of a Boston jihadist who was killed by police. Who is this woman at the center of the ISIS attacks on US soil?

She posted these ads all over public transit systems:

SIOA first entered the public eye with its early opposition to the construction of Park51, originally named Cordoba House, a 13-story Muslim community center proposed for a location two blocks from the World Trade Center site in Lower Manhattan.

She encouraged Israel to “stand loud and proud. Give up nothing. Turn over not a pebble. For every rocket fired, drop a MOAB. Take back Gaza. Secure Judea and Samaria. Stop buying Haaretz. Throw leftists bums out.”[54] She is an ardent Zionist.[38] She regards much of the Israeli media as “Jewicidal” and the kibbutz movement as a failed idea and a variety of slavery

During Operation Protective Edge, Spencer was accused of spreading an anti-Palestinian misinformation video, originally published by Pamela Geller, by inaccurately claiming a video of an Egyptian die-in protest from Egyptian newspaper El Badil was a video of Hamas faking the number of casualties killed by Israel. Robert Spencer wrote “as Muhammad said, ‘War is deceit.’ And so here is more ‘Palestinian’ victimhood propaganda unmasked. Not that the international media and the world ‘human rights community’ will take any notice. Video thanks to Pamela Geller.”

After El Badil had the video removed from Geller’s YouTube account due to copyright infringement, El Badil wrote that Spencer and Geller’s inability to distinguish a die-in protest from an Islamic funeral either makes them “incompetent to speak on Islam or they are professional liars.”

And who is this far-right Dutch politician, Geert Wilders, who was at the event in Garland, Texas? Interestingly, I had already come across Wilders when I was investigating the elite pedophile rings in the Netherlands and Belgium, the Dutroux affair. He rubs shoulders with some interesting people…

“Geert-Jan Knoops. Born in 1960. Marine officer. Worked as an attorney for the famous Moszkowicz family 1991-1994. Together with his father Max, Bram Moscowicz defended Dutch underworld figures Klaas Bruinsma (relationship with Mabel Wisse Smit, a Soros employee who married a brother of Crown Prince Alexander) and the Heineken kidnappers Cor van Hout and Willem Holleeder (another later top criminal who Moscowicz continued to represent for 20 years; Bruinsma and Holleeder are Holland’s most famous criminal superstars), Surinam dictator Desi Bouterse (whom the CIA and Dutch government tried to overthrow), Willem Endstra, and neocon politician Geert Wilders. Knoops marries an attorney at Moszkowics and switches his belief from Catholic to pretty strict Judaism. These days the couple enjoys sailing and classical music. The couple began their own law firm in 1994. Geert-Jan Knoops has defended sepcial forces soldier Eric O. (a minor war crimes case, with accusations that it was covered up), the Puttens’ murder case (a controversial rape/murder case with bizarre twists and two apparently innocent people sent to jail), Deventer murder case (another prominent case that went on for years), green beret Marco Kroon case (Afghanistan war hero; close to CIA director David Petraeus; cocaine and XTC found in his hairsamples, pants, jacket and car, but somehow cleared of that), tribunals in Rwanda, Yugoslavia and Sierra Leone, asked to become advisor to Saddam Hussein’s judicial team for his appeal. In 2011 he strenously defended on Dutch television the U.S. judicial decision that Dominique Strauss-Kahn was innocent and his victim Nafissatou Diallo completely unreliable.”

Then there’s the claim from a victim interviewed by Kevin Annett. Note that Annett often mixes disinfo with half-truths. I consider him a scam artist at best, and intentional misdirection at worst. At any rate, here’s what an alleged victim of a child abuse network told Annett. Make of it what you will.

September 10, 2014, Kevin Annett for his “International Common Law Court of Justice, Brussels” (, ‘Transcript of Anne Marie van Blijenburgh’s testimony about child murders in Belgium [sic]’: “Today is the fifth of June 2014 and my name is Anne Marie van Blijenburg … I have been married for twenty four years to Kees van Korlaar. Together with his three brothers, Kees van Korlaar forms a criminal organization known as the Octopus syndicate (ed. Note: This is slang term in Holland for Ndrangheta, the modern Italian-based mafia). They have worked from 1960 on to today. By order of Queen Beatrix they have organized the murder, torture, rape and killing of children in a public setting. They organized that through youth detention centers in the Netherlands. … And the criminals asked Johann Friso to bring his relatives and friends with him, so the whole building was filled with very important people from the Netherlands: ministers, high ranking officers and all kinds of people that the criminals could photograph so they could blackmail those people… The people who I recognized there were Prince Johan Friso, his psychiatrist Guus Pareau Dumont, I recognized Johann’s wife Mabel Wisse Smit, she was there with an old man, I think it was George Soros, I recognized Herr Donner… I recognized Ernst Hirsch Ballin… a Mr. van den Emster, he was for years the head of all the judges inthe Netherlands, I recgnized Dick Berlijn. … I recognized a very important journalist. I recognized Carla Eradus, the wife of Friso’s psychiatrist Guus Parea Dumont, Carla is the president of the court in Amsterdam, a judge. … Mark Rutte … Geert Wilders… There were about fifty people every time I was taken there. I have been taken there three times. I have seen every time they killed a child, I have seen two boys killed and one girl killed. … I presume they came from detention centers… He’s still alive [my husband] and he’s still killing people. … They kill perhaps ten or twenty people a year… I have shown the police four places in the Netherlands they use as graveyards for people they killed. Never, never, has any policeman ever taken the trouble to look.”

Geert Wilders is connected to the Gatestone Institute, a Zionist think tank. Wilders was invited to the US by the founder of Gatestone, Nina Rosenwald, heiress to the Sears Roebuck fortune. The board of directors includes CIA director James Woolsey. Wilders is considered an extremely far right nutjob. His platform is basically hate Muslims and defend the CIA.

Both Geert Wilders and the Stop Islamization of America group are affiliated with The Intelligence Summit, a group of CIA directors, senior Mossad officials, and Russian organized crime figures with close ties to both Israeli and US intelligence. It once included John Deutch and James Woolsey.

Pamela Geller repeatedly copies articles from The Intelligence Summit and promotes them on her website:

Likewise, The Intelligence Summit promotes Geller’s articles, like this one claiming Muslims are cannibals who eat Jewish soldiers:

Founder of The Intelligence Summit, John Loftus, is an author who is often cited by some big names in the conspiracy theory community. He mixes facts, like how the CIA recruited Nazi agents, with disinfo and Zionism. There’s some good tidbits in his books, but his agenda is another matter…

The Intelligence Summit’s website,, is now a pseudo-conspiracy theory website. At first glance, one would think it’s just another CT site. One would never suspect it’s run by a think tank of CIA directors and senior Mossad officials.

Still registered to Loftus and his CIA think-tank, the site pushes the same agenda, only with a CT flavor. Geert Wilders’ books are promoted at times. Here we see Wilders’ Islamophobic book being promoted under the category of “Jesuit Pope.”

The site is registered to, and promotes, Brent Beleskey.

On his LinkedIn page, we see that people who viewed Beleskey also searched for Leslie Deak, lending credence to the theory that Deak and this cast of Islamophobic spooks are connected. Why would Linked In imply they’re connected somehow?

Why does this matter? Well, earlier in this thread, we showed how Deak was financing the Ground Zero Mosque. Why would he also be connected to The Intelligence Summit, Beleskey, Pamela Geller, and Stop Islamization of America, who launched their careers opposing the Ground Zero Mosque? That’s the right question.